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Frequently Asked Questions


An automatic winds a spring, while a kinetic charges a capacitor or battery.

The kinetic will keep time longer when not worn (it varies depending upon the model, but it can be for many months). Automatic tends to be more serviceable, at least more shops know how to deal with them. Some earlier kinetic models weren't as reliable as automatics. Automatics can't hold a power reserve more than a few days.

That's the ability to stop the second hand (or digits) on a watch, until a point where it is released (or reset) to synchronize with the time.

A movement design part that deals with a feature beyond the display of hours, minutes, seconds

A diver labeled watch has been pressure tested to the stated maximum depth rating for a prolonged period (and other extensive tests to qualify as a diver). A watch not designated as a diver but with a dive depth rating (like 50M to 200M) is not guaranteed to survive at that pressure for longer than a brief moment, however it may well survive without a problem.